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It is our honor to invite you to
the 5th event
Days of olive oil
Ugljan 2017
on Friday, April 28, 2017,
in the  Cultural Center in Ugljan
starting at 16:00

• Opening ceremony - 16:00

• Island products festival - from 16:00

Local producers represent indigenous island products: olive oil, products from olive wood, liqueurs and brandy, marmalade, cheese, salted and marinated fish, natural cosmetic products based on olive oil and Mediterranean herbs (soaps, creams, fragrances, etc.)

• Photo exhibition "Foto Hrvatska" - from 16:00

A photo-workshop under the expert guidance that links the members of the local community who create high-quality photographs during that photo-sharing and exhibit them at the closing exhibition of best photos.

• Presentation of the project „Avantura otok“ - 16:30

Project of olive and bike paths with intallations of rest areas and viewpoints on some of the most attractive parts of the island of Ugljan.

• Demonstration of olive tree pruning - 16: 30-17: 30

Experts from the Association "Olea" from Zadar will demonstrate the olive pruning in the nearby olive grove in order to provide the theoretical knowledge of the pruning, that is usually taught in the lectures, proved in practice, and enable the transfer of that knowledge to the olive oil producers on the spot.

• Guided olive oil tasting - 17:30 - 18:30

With the members of the association "Olea" Zadar, learn how to taste the olive oil properly, to pay attention to the smell and the taste and to notice the difference between good and less good oil.

• Natural Cosmetics Workshop - 17:30 - 18:30

The demonstration workshop of producing natural cosmetics based on olive oil (creams, balms, etc.). Learn something new, useful and natural, with the guidance of Marija Kuljerić, the owner of Kuljerić family farm from the island of Silba which produce and process medicinal and aromatic herbs.

• Tasting of olive oil (audience) - 17:30 - 18:30

Be a member of the audience who will give your vote and grade of olive oil that you like the most, maybe your vote will be crucial to the one who will take away the audience award.

• Awards ceremony - 18:30

After analyzing the chemical and sensory parameters (organoleptics) conducted by the association "Olea", Zadar - evaluators who have completed and obtained the certificate for professional qualification for olive oil tasters, we will assign the certificates of analysis, diplomas and declare the winner who receives the award of the jury .

• Party and tasting of indigenous island dishes

Try dishes made with olive oil, olives, fish, seafood, etc.



Contact information

Tourist board of Ugljan

  • 23275 Ugljan, Croatia > get directions
  • Tel./Fax: ++385 23 288-011



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